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TØMA Releases New Single: Book of Yesterday


Spring might have just begun, but TØMA’s new track “Book of Yesterday” screams summertime! If you’re like me, there’s no bad time of year for a rhythmic tune featuring sugary synths and bubbly guitar riffs. With an almost addictive melody, this song is sure to get your attention. Think Tame Impala meets Family of the Year. A compelling tune that is both playful and thought-provoking. Is it too early to say song of the Summer?

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Small Batch Productions celebrates its birthday at the Historic Scoot Inn


Small Batch Productions is slated to celebrate its first birthday this Friday (April 22) at the Historic Scoot Inn. Come join On Vinyl, The Brooklyn Brewery and The Sound Floor for some great drinks and even better music provided by local Austin talent associated with Small Batch Productions and a surprise special guest: Megafauna!