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OV Recommends: Three Mohawk openers you don’t want to miss

Many times music fans buy tickets to see their favorite headlining artists, overlooking the opening acts, sometimes even going as far as to arrive late so that they don’t have to sit through it. But just because it’s done, doesn’t mean it should be. Often times these types of fans miss out on some great performances because of those bad habits. Here is a list of some really great artists who will be performing at The Mohawk this year that are openers now but will one day soon be the headliner.

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Maxam, The Bravo, and The Continuums perform at Mohawk

While the Mohawk’s doors open at 8 p.m., shows usually don’t start until significantly later, sometimes as much as an hour and a half. Sometimes, someone might think that a show starts when the doors to the venue open, and that someone ends up on a balcony fighting a losing battle between their hands and the swarm of mosquitoes that had (I’m assuming) spawned in the rainwater that had pooled in the balcony trashcan next to the glass double doors of the Green Room.

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3 Austin fixtures join some of America’s greatest music venues

 Consequence of Sound recently published a definitive list of the 100 greatest American music venues. The article’s coverage, self described as “a first-class, front-row ticket to this country’s most vital concert halls” naturally includes venues located in the city of Austin, a place commonly hailed as “The Live Music Capital of the World.” This year Austin was fortunate to have a total of three venues grace this listing–occupying lower portions on the list, with one venue in particular breaking into the top 10!