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Glitter Tribe and Sound Dessert host four-band showcase at Swan Dive

In recent years, downtown Austin’s music venue and bar, Swan Dive, has established its dominance as a local-music mecca. This quaint, modern space, decorated with cozy booths and a spacious dance floor, serves as refuge for music lovers city-wide that want to enjoy quality concerts and collaborative events at a decent price.

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Hermit Kingdom put on emotionally charged performance last weekend at Swan Dive

The Austin based group Hermit Kingdom,  comprised of Philos, JΔY and [S]amson, Tosin & WAKiZASHi and Upper.reality gave one hell of a performance this past Saturday, despite small crowds. The guys preformed alongside Fresh Fckrman, Total Unicorn, Kady Rain, Red Comet 3 and Anominiss for the third instillation of the Champagne Donuts & Dance event at Swan Dive.

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Swan Dive’s Punk Rock Prom Celebrates Grunge

In a generation that glamorizes neo-electronic dance music and 90’s influenced rap, music from a more classic era is often dismissed and misunderstood. Punk rock was one of the first popular genres of music that allowed cynical, counter-culture Americans to step away from reality and embody rebellion through a symphony of grunge. Swan Dive, a local dive bar and music venue located at 615 Red River st., with the help of Flavorsound Productions and Glitterbeard Booking, is putting punk rock back on its gnarly pedestal Friday, May 20 for a legendary themed event–Punk Rock Prom.