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OV Recommends: Kev Bev & The Woodland Creatures

Local indie/bluesy funk band Kev Bev and the Woodland Creatures recently sat down with On Vinyl to share their insight, joy, and eclectic spin on what it is that makes the infectious “Kev Bev Sound.” Highlights from the intimate 1-on-9 conversation include a sneak peak into their upcoming album releases, obscure musical influences, and the paramount pursuit of happiness.

Weekly staff picks: SXSW

Alright, so, It’s a Monday and the fabled Spring Break is finally here. Forget about your schoolwork, your teachers, whoever that is that won’t call you back. You’ve got much more important things to be doing around this time, which is listening to some kickass local Austin music for the SXSW music festival! I’ve gone through the painful and arduous labor of compiling this list of tracks here for you beautiful angels to hear.