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Hooka Hey Releases New Music Video for Latest Single “Herlock”

Hooka Hey is back and better than ever with their new single Herlock. This marks the band’s first release since their 2015 EP– Untamed. If you haven’t heard about these local rockers, they’re known for their ominous and smoky jams that just know how to get your attention. Herlock is no exception, the song is driven by an unforgettable riff that is sure to get your heart pulsating. Hooka Hey has also just released a new music video for the single that is as thought-provoking as it is haunting. Herlock is the first release from their upcoming album War Cry that will be released in May.

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The artist’s guide to successfully using CD Baby

The journey of music from independent musicians to consumers is often a long, windy road full of obstacles and expensive promoting. With more than 130 million people paying for streaming apps like Spotify, Apple Music and PandoraCD Baby offers great leverage for Indie artists to get their music to these platforms easily and affordably. So, what makes CD Baby different than other music distribution companies? And what is the key to leveraging this platform to the artist’s advantage? Well, let’s find out.