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Cue the Sun! Inspires with new EP, “Dreams”

Cue the Sun!, Austin’s up and coming alternative pop band, has made quite an entrance into the music scene. Released on February 2nd, their EP, Dreams, boasts heartwarming lyrical integrity, clean harmonies, catchy synths, and powerful melodies that channel an almost nostalgic boyband feel (think The 1975 meets Owl City meets Walk the Moon).

Having previously released their hit single “Your Love“, in 2017, Cue the Sun! is looking to develop their sound and obtain greater exposure; and I can honestly say, the band did just that.

The album seamlessly encapsulates all the nuances of pop while maintaining a distinctive edginess that allows the band to grow with the unpredictability of the music scene. Aside from a well-produced EP, the most important concept that Cue the Sun!, Ryan White and Josh Holder, want to portray is the love and appreciation they have towards their fans.

This EP is dedicated to YOU. This listener. Chase your dreams, fall in love, walk through trials, come out stronger” – (Cue the Sun!).

Cue the Sun! genuinely want you to channel your best self while listening to their music, a reality that in today’s ephemeral, materialistic society is almost obsolete.