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Whiskey Shivers and Wood & Wire take over Historic Scoot Inn: Bluegrass electrifies Austin’s east side

Historic Scoot Inn, packed from wall to wall last night with concert goers, who filled the air with nothing but excitement, four dollar Lone Star sweat and a haze of cigarette smoke (and not your hippie American Spirits either.)

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Un-Holy Mountain: Celebrating the last month of an Austin relic

I gotta say, I really love my job.

I arrived fashionably late to Holy Mountain on their rendition of Barbarella’s “Emo Night”: a nostalgic romp through time back to that one song that reminds you of that one girl/guy. My stuffy Uber driver shifted awkward glances towards my tattooed and pierced brethren as they meandered through the streets like a black, horn-rimmed glassed river capable of melancholy.

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Glitter Tribe Packs Swan Dive with Local Talents

Just a block short from the packed bars and long lines of dirty Sixth Street, lies a cozy, ambient venue: Swan Dive. On Sept. 10, 2015, local Austin artist management and event promotion company, Glitter Tribe, hosted a fantastic show stacked with local artists. The night opened with Waking Fable, a group effortlessly delivering sultry and soulfully rich sounds with an acoustic and subtle pop vibe.

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#LoveWins: Best Austin LGBT bands & artists

In case you haven’t checked your Facebook timeline or Twitter feed in the last 24 hours, yesterday the Supreme Court ruled that states can no longer keep same-sex couples from marrying, and must recognize their unions. After 40 years of debate over marriage equality in the US, it finally happened: Love won! This social justice milestone calls for the celebration of love and equality, and as our way of ringing in the SCOTUS decision, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite Austin LGBT bands and artists.
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Fun Fun Fun Fest releases 2015 lineup

Those of you not in the know, FUN FUN FUN Fest has been Austin’s premiere alternative comedy, media, and music fest for the last decade. Hosting great comics like Sarah Silverman, Extreme Sports gods like Matt Hoffman, and a massive array of musicians: everybody from MGMT to Slayer, Black Flag and Flying Lotus have graced the FFF Fest stage. This year, they’re really looking to outdo themselves. Transmission Events, the events team that gathers all these phenomenal artists, have managed to reign in some big names in music, and I’m here to fill you in on the details.

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On Vinyl Music presents: Wolf of Wall Street Boat Party 2015

Here it comes and there it went. The On Vinyl Music 2015 Boat Party was exactly what we wanted it to be. Even after artist cancellations, and God’s adamant desire to rain us the hell out, we managed to pull it off. It all started with a simple pre-party; an extravagant (yet not at all decadent) romp through the debaucherous Catalina house. An ocean of Everclear and one keg of Lonestar later, we all awoke, a little less than bright eyed and bushy-tailed at the ripe hour of 9 a.m. The clock ticked, and ran too quickly for my mind to simply comprehend, and 10 a.m. came quicker than what I thought possible.