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John Wesley Coleman III to release latest album on vinyl

It’s not often you hear a musician refer to themselves as a “mystery pop honky tonk wizard” but that’s exactly what John Wesley Coleman III (who goes by Wes) will tell you. Wit and humor shine through in Wes’s music of analog slacker rock and you can feel it on his new album, Greatest Hits.

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Above & Beyond to join Euphoria 5th year lineup in rare electronic set

As a holiday gift to its fans, Vivid Sound Entertainment has added a rare fully-plugged electronic Above & Beyond set to its Euphoria lineup in April. The festival is celebrating its fifth anniversary at Carson Creek Ranch from April 7-10, 2015. Unlike the Above & Beyond Acoustic Tour, the Euphoria date will be a full plugged in electronic set. 

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OV Recommends: 5 best Austin record stores

Austin has nothing short of music stores with a plethora of vinyl, both used and new, waiting to be bought and prized in your trophy collection of vinyl records. The holidays are the best time to start or expand on your record collection. What’s warmer than a cup of marshmellowed hot chocolate (or wine) and popping on a wonderful, crisp vinyl while the cold weather blankets the city of Austin? Here are five of my favorite Austin local music stores to get your music on vinyl.