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Exploring the local Austin music scene: 5 bands, 3 venues, 1 night

During a brisk Thursday night, typically one reserved for pseudo-alcoholic college students, I made plans to sprint across downtown Austin to three venues in an effort to see five different local Austin bands turn downtown ATX into a musical playground. Finals week clearly did not deter me from experiencing such an eventful night. I was on a mission to explore as much local Austin music as I could.

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The Historic Scoot Inn with YUMA, Taylor and the Wild Now and MCG

I showed up to the Historic Scoot Inn pretty early. The doors opened up an hour before the show started, and when I first walked in there were probably seven people besides myself, barkeep not included. The lack of patrons, combined with the total of two very small tables, made the place seem pretty bleak to start with, but I was sure it would fill soon.

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Food Group discusses latest EP “You Are”

I walk into a small, cozy house in South Austin to find out more about Food Group‘s new EP titled You Are with the band’s lead singer and guitarist, Eric Lyday. The latest EP contains three tracks and is the perfect combination of the classic Food Group sound and psychedelic electronic. Lyday and I sat to discuss Food Group’s evolution in the Austin music scene and how the group is collaborating with some big names to get the recognition they deserve.

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‘Tis the season: Ways to take advantage of Austin’s music hibernation

Some call it seasonal depression. Others call it Austin’s music hibernation.

Is it that we are so sun kissed and vitamin D-drunk in the summertime that we feel life is lacking when winter strikes? For those immersed in the Austin music scene, it can feel especially cold.