Author: Powell Bohler

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Solstice Fest Recap: Bust, Holiday Mountain and Nightdrive put on brilliant sets

On the first day of the annual Solstice Festival weekend, I spent that night hopping around downtown Austin. I was peering into local bars and venues, keeping an eye out for whatever hub wouldn’t kick me out for having X’s on my hands (looking at you, Empire). That night was a night of firsts for me, and I saw some quality acts on stage.

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Maxam, The Bravo, and The Continuums perform at Mohawk

While the Mohawk’s doors open at 8 p.m., shows usually don’t start until significantly later, sometimes as much as an hour and a half. Sometimes, someone might think that a show starts when the doors to the venue open, and that someone ends up on a balcony fighting a losing battle between their hands and the swarm of mosquitoes that had (I’m assuming) spawned in the rainwater that had pooled in the balcony trashcan next to the glass double doors of the Green Room.

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Dana Falconberry and Medicine Bow to tour national parks

Local Austin artist Dana Falconberry of Dana Falconberry and Medicine Bow is to visit several national parks for her newest tour. To promote their new album, From the Forest Came the Fire, Dana Falconberry and Medicine Bow will perform at a few national parks to commemorate the 100th birthday of the National Parks Service.

Weekly Staff Picks: It’s not April Fool’s anymore and I still don’t know a thing

April Fool’s gone and so is every other cool holiday. Spring break is passed. Easter’s over. The only (minor) respite I’ll have for what seems like an eternity is the fleeting, brief release that is Summer Break, but even then I’ll have to get another job to make sure I can afford to live here in Austin. Thanks, Obama.