Author: Nathalie Phan

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WAX: CAPYAC hosts Empire Garage fashion show

I still see the moving images from last night doing laps in my brain: the bright, swirling lights spinning too fast for me to realize what is really going on; the conglomerate of different sounds, conversations and unique narratives; people wearing nothing short of overly eccentric costumes looming, dancing, and performing maneuvers and bodily contortions that probably have gone untried by the human population due to sheer difficulty or unfound, breathless passion. 

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Barracuda Music Tech Expo: Thank you, Austin!

When I competed in a national student entrepreneurship competition in Miami, one of my judges asked me, “What gets you out of bed every morning?”

The answer: My friends and family. My staff. My mission.

Luckily for me, my staff is made up of my friends, and I consider the whole lot of them part of my family. Luckily for me, I’ve somehow managed to impart a seemingly impossible mission to them: Sustain Austin’s local music scene by doing our part in making a difference in how music consumers view the city’s entertainment space.

Luckily for me, yesterday proved that making a change is possible and not as far out of reach as we all had thought.

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Rebuttal: SXSW brings cash to the city of Austin

During SXSW, I used to be the frustrated local commuter trying to weave through miles of traffic to get downtown, angry that I had to pay an obscene $20 in parking, sad to see other human beings walking around like human billboards, and more than anything else, fucking disrespected by the pedicabs that think they have the conjoined rights of cars, pedestrians and cyclists. This year, my perspective has changed.

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Major Grizz, Yuma offer relieving Stubb’s study break

Friday nights are generally everyone’s favorite day of the week to spend a late night downtown — it’s the end of the week and you’ll have time to nurse that hangover in bed because Saturday mornings practice more patience than those demanding work days. As a journalist, I, for one, am one of those lucky people who get to mix work and play. On one hand, it allows me to call going to shows “work.” On the other, I’m technically required to work late nights and weekends.

For students, a category of which I also belong to, Fridays are an especially strategic time to take a well-deserved study break. This past weekend, on Feb. 5, I found myself taking one of these study breaks at Stubb’s, engulfed in a packed room with the wood floor of their indoor stage, watching local acts Yuma and Major Grizz put on interesting twists on otherwise conventional genres of music.

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Euphoria announces local additions to 5th year lineup

Starting fresh in 2016, Euphoria is back and announcing its full lineup of performers slated for the highly anticipated festival this April 7th-10th in Austin, Texas. After much fan speculation, special guests Eric Prydz, who’s debut studio album, Opus, drops February 5th and electro-indie duo, Cherub joins previously announced headliners.