Author: Katherine Gualy

Weekly staff picks: 4/20, blaze it

In celebration of today, I’ve decided to put together a playlist to help everyone have the most enjoyable 4/20 possible. Wether your plans are too vegetate with your friends or go to the greenbelt, this local music playlist will set you up with the right vibes to get you lifted. Ranging from reggae to psych rock, you’ll have just enough complexity with in the chillness to keep your mind in the perfect mindset for the perfect day.

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Free shows aren’t feeding starving artists

As we all know, Austin is the Live Music Capital of the World. Consequently, I feel like we have gotten progressively more spoiled when it comes to paying for the shows we go to. Free and cheap shows sound ideal to us as concert-goers, but in all actuality there is a serious lack of money going to the our local Austin musicians.