Author: Jake Rhodes

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4 local bands to catch at Levitation

Prior to the beginning of this sentence, I was unaware that Levitation Fest was a thing. I was also unaware that pysch rock bands still thrive enough to warrant a festival. Well, I’m glad I got the memo. Because this festival is going to be, uhm, groovy? Anyway, here’s some local bands that will be getting wavy at Levitation (April 29–May 1) this year.

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OV Presents: Austin’s Best Drummers

What’s a band without a drummer? Well, speaking from experience, a lot less complicated, but more than anything it’s empty. Every band needs a drummer to beat the shit out of something and spend all of the band’s money on beer and gas station sandwiches. I play drums in an emo band, I can attest if the lead vocalist is the brains and heart of a band, the drummer is the heavily damaged liver. Here are some of Austin’s best drummers.

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Retirement Home & friends deliver memorable Sidewinder performances

Austin’s music scene is an eclectic and diverse one, producing bands of all genres and inviting even more to come and bless this city with the wonder of live music. But, as I have mentioned before, it’s easy to get caught in the miasma of indie pop/folk/ dance fun that Austin seems to have a proclivity for, and in doing so Austinites miss out on a slew of great acts and bands. This article is about some of those bands.

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Retirement Home, Paperback release new albums

On Vinyl has been covering music, news and events for over a year now. In that year we have established a litany of connections with artists, venues and companies across Austin. Every time a new band or artist gets brought to my desk [Editor’s Note: Jake’s desk is a dirty mattress in the corner of his “room” which, in and of itself is nothing more than a shack] I am so excited to be a part of not only the growth of On Vinyl, but the growth of another great artist.

Weekly staff picks: Broken resolutions playlist

“New Year, new me!” you say as you voraciously guzzle down that last glass of Carlo Rossi. Look, fucking up is an integral part of the new year. All of us collectively vibrating to the same self-destructing frequency. It’s not just you. It’s all of us. These new rules we attempt to abide by are born out of a place of failure. And what do we do when we fail? We listen to music that makes us feel worse than we already do. Oh wait, that’s just me? Anyway, here’s my Broken Resolutions Playlist.

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Retirement Home previews “Modern Planet”

Austin is known for its pop indie breakout bands, some of which are great, most others make me want to drive my car into the river. But Austin isn’t just kindling for the indie rock fire that burns within many young, bearded hearts. It breeds great music of all genres. Seeing as I have asserted myself as the authority on good punk and emo among the OV crew, I have to tell you about one of my favorite local emo acts, Retirement Home.