Author: Jack Killen

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Say farewell to The Bare Feat and welcome Chief Perch at the North Door

It’s been awhile since I’ve visited the North Door, but my ears perked up when I was assigned to cover The Bare Feat’s final farewell show. The music club is located on the city’s East Side and on Jan. 22, 2016 the venue was packed with patrons and a seasoned list of local musical acts. The nights’ line-up included Waking Fable, Edison Chair and last but not least The Bare Feat. Although this was the final show for The Bare Feat have no fear because they are rebranding as Chief Perch and it will be exciting to see what comes with new changes.

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OV Recommends: Austin’s best jazz clubs

“Where is the nearest jazz club?” is not a question you will hear regularly around the streets of Austin. In a musical market that is oversaturated with indie, rap and electronic, it is rejuvenating to hear some tastes yearn for a more antiquated form of music. This week, On Vinyl is hand selecting some of the best venues in the jazz scene.

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New tracks hint a big year to come for DJ NOIICE

Noiice (Jackson Granger) is an emerging DJ producer in South Austin who also happens to be my old college roommate. I’ve watched Jackson go from self-taught sessions in the dorm room to playing with local duo Bames at Plush. Noiice has gone through countless trials and tribulations to get the recognition he deserves in the Austin club scene and the next chapter is coming soon.