Author: Bronte Treat

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Freddie Steady Krc sustains legacy through SteadyBoy Records

Singer, songwriter, guitarist, drummer, Texas Music Awards Hall-of-Famer and all around badass, Freddie Steady Krc has been influencing the Austin music scene for decades. He first arrived on the scene in the 1970s, when Texas was bursting with creative country songwriters like B.W. Stevenson and Michael Martin Murphey.

Weekly Staff Picks: A Playlist For Those Bitter About Valentine’s Day

Are you heartbroken, bitter and alone? Do you think Valentine’s Day is distasteful? Or perhaps, you find it repulsive that we’re slated to contribute $19.7 billion dollars to the economy on this special day. Regardless of where your resentment emanates from, I’ve got a song for you. Here is an eclectic array of Austin musicians to satisfy those bitter about Valentine’s Day.