Author: Allison Lindsey

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Catch Rattletree at SXSW’s Sounds From The World

Millennial music is often restricted to a very familiar, western sound.  American youth repeatedly glamorizes “top 40” hits, and remains stagnant in their musical outlook. Applications like Pandora and Spotify tend to feed off of this effortless approach towards music, making the rewarding search for great music appear elementary. On Vinyl Music has a righteous goal of showcasing music fashioned by artists of various genres, objectives and aesthetics in hopes of creating a more musically aware society. Austin based electric-marimba ensemble, Rattletree, is a historic example of why open-mindedness is necessary while consuming creative art. Rattletree is composed of four spiritually tuned musicians with a vision that is not only hedonistic but hugely important.

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OV Recommends: Bayonne’s debut album: Primitives

At first glance Roger Sellers may seem like a normal dude with a dope mustache and trendy sneakers. A guy who might be up to something artistic–something revolutionary. It’s uncommon to experience electronic music that is performed completely live, without the use of pre-recorded music. For live electronic music to be simultaneously well executed, is just as uncommon.