Author: Allison Lindsey

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The Mayor On Music: Steve Adler Joins The Local Musical Revolution

Music is a key ingredient to cultural togetherness and social awareness; it’s origins are primitive and we must invest in it’s vivacious simplicity. When infatuated, musical visionaries are rapidly losing their wealth to desensitized businessmen, it is an intellectual crime. Austin’s dedicated mayor, Steve Adler, is ready to entertain Austin’s unorthodox, musically-driven attitude with diplomatic flawlessness to keep Austin jamming.

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Plato III releases single to capitalize on album success

In a generation where hip-hop and rap often face a mass amount of scrutiny by musicians and consumers alike, pursuing a career in the field proves challenging. Today’s stigma around rap music is a direct result of a self fulfilling prophecy that tells society, “everyone is a rapper,” thus creating a debilitating community around the genre and those who strive to succeed within it.

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Wildfires Release 2nd Single From Their Sequel EP: Aguas Frescas 2

The abundance of influence on modern music is resulting in a vast, echoing melting pot of genres. Most contemporary bands are generally, indefinable. 2016, being a turning point in music history, yields the creation of new sounds and a capitalization on sounds from the past.