Charlie Belle releases first single off new upcoming EP

Jendayi & Gyasi Bonds are a talented duo. Together, they make up youthful pop duo Charlie Belle from Austin, TX. In the last year, the two pop-afflicted siblings have spent time writing and producing two 5-song EPs with Matt Novesky of local hometown heroes Blue October in Novesky’s Orb Studios.

Their first single off of their upcoming EP, titled “Growing Pains,” features a simple yet captivating guitar rift with lightweight electronic sounds and a sharp drum pattern. Jendayi’s voice harmonizes with her guitar while her brother Gyasi works the snare and cymbals alongside her. Her fret movements are audibly and decidedly placed in the song, giving it a very genuine feel. Novesky’s influence is hyper-apparent as the song takes a page straight out of Blue October’s hitmakers book.

Lyrically entrancing, Charlie Belle is the perfect summer snack for those hungry for fresh, soluble Austin pop. The song tells the often repeated story of teenage angst though it does so with a beautiful and refreshing maturity. “I was my first boyfriend’s first lover,” Jendayi sings. “Asking ghosts what I should do now.” The guitar parts are glued together by the song’s strong bass guitar parts which disappear by the end of the song and fades into a series of light and relieving chimes.

“Growing Pains” is available on all major streaming services. Listen below and add Charlie Belle to your local watch list for they are sure to go far!