OV Recommends: The Selfless Lovers

On Vinyl recently sat down with one of Austin’s youngest old-school-feel-good jam bands, The Selfless Lovers. Fresh off a too short, but energetic set on the inside stage at Mohawk, lead singer Nik Parr gave us a deeper insight into his and the band’s dive into the Austin music scene. The soulful rock and roll group opened for Ripe, a touring funk band from Boston, on May 4, 2018 to a sold out venue.

Originally from Corpus Christi, Parr was surrounded by old rock and roll, blues, and soul music as a child. He grew up listening to greats like Al Green, Little Richie, and The Rolling Stones. Parr credits his musical upbringing as the reason behind his own passionate stage presence. On stage, even on the cramped, dim lit space provided to him, Parr’s energy captivated every audience member from every corner of the room.

“I feel like people need to hear something positive. People need to feel like they are loved and cared about and that’s what my music is about,” Parr said.

Starting at the ripe age of 10, Parr began his music journey. Flash forward years later, Parr fronts his own band as lead vocalist while playing the keyboard and saxophone. Parr’s impressive multitasking skills on stage is shown when he plays the saxophone with one hand, the keyboard with the other, and still has enough breath left to sing the end of the song.

The Selfless Lovers formed in 2015 and have seen its fair share of bandmates. Parr, the cornerstone of the band, started attending jam sessions around the University of Texas campus and various venues around Austin to recruit musicians to join him on his new endeavor. It wasn’t until 2017 that the current lineup would form. The band currently consists of Daniel Warner on drums and backing vocals, Daniel Kerner on lead guitar, and Ryan Koronich on bass. Playing about 70 shows together already, Parr is confident that the current roster is in it for the long haul. As evident in their impromptu setlist changes during their performance, the band showed effortless harmonization. Kerner’s soul-wrenching guitar solos mesmerized the crowd and for a moment took the attention off Parr’s stage persona. Warner and Koronich do not fall short of talent, as they complete the indie soul vibe that makes up the band’s sound.

From the relentless passion Parr has for the band — he does all the booking, marketing, and designs all the band’s artwork himself, The Selfless Lovers are on their way to staring success in the eye. Hoping to be the next Rolling Stones, The Selfless Lovers have enormous shoes to fill, but luckily, lots of talent to fill up any spaces.

The Selfless Lovers plan on recording a full length EP, produced by Frenchie Smith, in July 2018. The band plans on releasing it at Stubb’s on August 10th, with support from Tomar and the FC’s and Donovan Keith, both Black Fret Nominees in 2018.

Upcoming Shows

May 13 Mother’s Day Brunch at Native Hostel 

May 19 – Darkes and Charlies/The Selfless Lovers/Desert Medicine at Tantra Coffeehouse (San Marcos)

June 8 – Phoenix Saloon

June 29-30 – Cassidy’s Pub (Corpus Christi)

June 22 – The Selfless Lovers at Neighbor’s Kitchen and Yard (Bastrop)

August 10 – The Selfless Lovers EP Release at Stubb’s

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Photo Credit: Renee Dominguez | Renee Dominguez Photography