MAAGS Releases New Single– Born to Shine

Maggie McDavid, born right here in Austin, Texas, is an up and coming artist you need to know. Otherwise known as MAAGS, she began songwriting from an early age and sang for a local traveling choir group. More recently, she has received attention from The X-Factor and played the Bumble stage at SXSW 2018. Additionally, she has just released her first official single called “Born to Shine” that is out everywhere now! The song is a melodious synth-pop tune that features McDavid’s engaging vocals.

“Born to Shine” is an impressive initial release, but maybe not surprising since McDavid has been singing all her life. The track opens with a simple acoustic guitar riff that really sets the tempo of the song’s vibe.

“I’ll never be a cool kid, I guess I’ll never fit in,” McDavid sings in the opening moments.

Reflecting on her past and the all too familiar feeling of wondering how to fit in. She goes on to say…

“Some people were born to blend in, but you my dear were born to shine.”

Sonically, it is similar to “Cool Kids” by Echosmith, but lyrically, it is more uplifting. An obvious shoutout to those who sometimes feel out of place. However, MAAGS takes a different approach on the matter.

“Don’t try to fit in,” McDavid sings.

Rather than wishing to be like the cool kids, McDavid sings about being oneself and not trying to blend in. A real call to action to ignore the haters and get on with life. The track’s chorus is driven by a synthy beat guaranteed to get stuck in your head. This song will surely strike a chord with today’s youth for its relatable message and appealing melody.

Overall, the song is well suited to serve as both a personal song of reflection and a group anthem to be played on late night car rides with friends. One thing is for sure, MAAGS is just getting started and has a bright future ahead of herself.

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Photo Credit/Art Work: Jesus Acosta