One of the best feelings in the world is discovering new music. Therefore, if you haven’t already, it is strongly recommended that you check out the up and coming, hardworking, and talented artist Harry Edohoukwa. Edohoukwa’s unique style contains inspiration from both reggae and hip-hop, which not only demonstrates the different sound to his music, but also ties back to his heritage and ultimately why he wants to do music in general.

Harry Edohoukwa is a McKinney native who eventually moved to Austin with hopes of furthering his music career. Edohoukwa has always had a passion for music and realized his rapping abilities as early as sixth grade. He grew up with an Uncle who was huge into reggae artists such as Beres Hammond and Lucky Dube, which Edohoukwa has said to have influenced the style and sound of his tunes. Additional artists such as Jimi Hendrix, James Brown, Kanye West, and Jean-Michel Basquiat have all played a role in giving Edohoukwa knowledge and insight on the music business. Edohoukwa is an avid movie watcher and loves to do things he has never done before, such as taking a random improv class and studying forms of art. All of these experiences are not only just things to do for fun, but also ideas and concepts to potentially use in future songs and projects.

One thing that stood out about him was that it was tough to actually classify what kind of music he actually brings. During our interview, Edohoukwa mentioned,

“I can have a song that sounds 80’s funk, and then come back and produce a song that is a rap classical, That’s one thing I like about myself.”

He enjoys putting literal emotion into his work so listeners know and understand when he’s screaming or crying or whatever it is he’s adding to the track, it makes it easier to believe what he’s saying on a track. The main focus for the rest of 2018 is certainly to produce more music and feature in more shows. He labeled his performances as “more of a party,” because “it allows people to shed their skin, do whatever they want to do, and just be ready to jam.”

Harry Edohoukwa currently has two hits out titled “Ric Flair” and “Joy,” be sure to check them both out as they both give off two completely different vibes and showcase the talent that Edohoukwa has to offer. Also be sure to jam out to his debut EP “Silhouettes (Circa ’17),” to get a taste of what he’s capable of.

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On top of that, Harry is also planning to throw a fest June 2nd, to introduce the concept of the upcoming band to accompany him in his shows. He sees a great chance and experience to have a band to connect with and creative a more intriguing live performance. The sets will feature exciting performances and historical acts to demonstrate what the future band has in store. With the focus on having the opportunity to perform wherever/whenever, and connect with various types of people and other artists, it will be interesting to see what is up next for Edohoukwa. It would be a shame for you to not check out what lies in his music because it’s a funky blend that surely is catchy. To close out this write-up with a message from the artist:

“My name is Harry Edohoukwa, and I don’t mess around.”

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Check out Harry’s latest EP, Silhouettes (Circa ’17) available on Spotify, iTunes, and SoundCloud.

Photo Credit: Nidi Nizam