Mobley Embarks on Life-Long Journey with Fresh Lies Vol. 1

Mobley has already established himself as the musical phenomena driving the new wave of the Austin music scene. The one-man band sensation has cultivated his sound that continues to alludes any genre definition. Mobley’s latest project, Fresh Lies Vol. 1, is the beginning of a long, personal journey to be released April 27th.


“The concept that joins them is that they are all love songs that use romantic interplay as a metaphor to explore my relationship, as a black man especially, with my country.

Themes of nationhood and identity and alienation are ones that I’ll need decades to explore personally, let alone artistically — I’m hardly equipped to make an album-sized statement about them right now. I want a place to work with those ideas, but I also want the freedom to put them down, imperfect and incomplete, to go chase other concepts.” – Mobley 

While it is a group of songs to be released at the same time, Fresh Lies Vol. 1 isn’t quite an album. It’s the first installment of a “career-spanning” musical journey that seeks to answer heavy questions of existence and identity.

Mobley’s act of pushing beyond the established conventions of musical collections is nothing unheard of in musical production. I mean, concept albums have been around (arguably) since The Beatles released Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. However, Mobley’s attempt to make a career’s worth collection of music devoted to the same themes is purely revolutionary.

The Music of Fresh Lies Vol. 1

To say the least, every single released for Fresh Lies Vol. 1 is an absolute bop. Mobley’s latest release “Young Adult Fiction” presses into you like some dark inquisition on your ears while other songs like “Selfsame” and “Torch” plunge into the more romantic and intimate parts of the soul. The crown jewel of the pre-released tracks would have to be “Tell You” which should definitely find its way onto your Summer Jams playlist to distract you from the oncoming onslaught of the May heat.

Upcoming Shows

Apr 26th – KUTX Studio 1A session – 7pm 

Apr 27th – Waterloo Records In-Store performance and signing – 5pm

Photo Credit: Renee Dominguez