Fair City Fire Releases Sophomore Album

A day after releasing their second full-length album, Fair City Fire had one hell’uva album release show at Stubb’s BBQ. The guys got the night rolling with the new title track “Shake Your Bones.” An appropriate name for an album that is both in your face and delicate at times. Lead singer and guitarist, Brian Wolff, took everyone in attendance on an emotional roller coaster. Whether it was singing the impassioned song “Hold on to You” or shredding on guitar while having a headbanging contest with the front row, Wolff showcased his dynamic stage presence.

Austin rock band Torino Black kicked the night off in triumphant fashion. With Melancholy lyrics and an indie rock sound, it is clear this is one stellar rock band. Sisi Berry’s rockin’ vocals definitely stood out from the performance.  Once Fair City Fire took to the stage, the crowd was more than ready to have a good time. It is not hard to see why they wanted this band to open for them.

At times, Fair City Fire’s performance reminded me of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. At other points during the show, it was reminiscent of Kings of Leon. Despite the similarity to these rock legends, Fair City Fire is remarkably distinctive for a number of reasons. Wolff’s fierce yet soulful vocals really stood out– singing songs that varied from heartfelt ballads to aggressive anthems. The band’s energy was intense as they played off the crowd. This all added up to a heated atmosphere that could be expected of an album release show. Wolff even gave a fist bump to a fan while playing at one point. The guys were clearly thankful to be there as Wolff expressed their gratitude several times.

There are a few tracks that really stand out to me off the new album. The first one is “Love and Music”, driven by a melodious guitar riff and Wolff’s passionate vocals, this song begs to be played over and over. “Another One” demonstrates the band’s strength as songwriters with its compelling lyrics and instrumentation. Finally, “Hold on to You” has the type of chorus that will get stuck in your head and has clear hit song potential. Overall, the album is dynamic yet cohesive, emotionally invigorating and memorable from the very first note.

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May 6th at Adair’s Saloon in Dallas

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