CAPYAC reveals ‘Who is Donny Flamingo?’



Fans of CAPYAC can go back to sleeping soundly at night now that the band has revealed the identity of the mysterious Donny Flamingo.

The eccentric Austin native band released their highly anticipated fourth independent album Who is Donny Flamingo? to fans on February 23, 2018. To help celebrate in true CAPYAC fashion, Empire Control Room & Garage housed a mini-festival release party. There were DJs, decked out homemade headpieces for sale and, of course, hundreds of pink flamingos!

The Album Release Party

It was a rare warm night in Austin on February 24, 2018. After a week’s worth of rain and windy nights, it was evident that Texas knew there was something special going on and no rain was going to spoil it. It was the return of one of Austin’s most beloved whimsical acts to their hometown. Accompanying CAPYAC were some of the band’s favorite musicians from around Texas and from across the pond.

Kicking off the night was the Austin native darkwave electronic project Troller with a DJ set. While Troller was getting the vibes warmed up outside on the garage stage, Zula Montez welcomed people to the party in the control room. Zula Montez, being more of a psychedelic rock act, gave the crowd the option of chilling inside with intricate guitar riffs and sway-provoking vocals. Next inside was Batty Jr., the always unpredictable Austin born folk/rock band to keep the relaxed atmosphere going. Audience members and other members of the band usually don’t know how many songs will be played. Dependent solely on the mood of lead singer Zeke Jarmon, a performance from Batty Jr. could include longer versions of songs or quick instrumental snippets. Following Troller outside was Dylan Cameron, who continued to host an electronic night of analog sounds and futuristic beats. Wrestlers, hailing from Houston, migrated the electronic sound into the control room to make way for the hosts on the garage stage. During CAPYAC’s 2-hour set, Dallas natives ishi hosted a mixture of soul and funk in the control room. To end the night, hailing all the way from London, jackLNDN serenaded the crowd one last time.

CAPYAC’s Performance

With Daft Punk vibes and feels, dancing is not an option at a CAPYAC show, it is an uncontrollable body palpitation that is attributed to CAPYAC’s funk-inspired dance music. The stage performance can vary from the original duo, to the 9+ full band complete with dancers.

To celebrate the release of their fourth independent album, CAPYAC brought out the whole gang. Starting the show was an announcement from Donny Flamingo, himself. Decked out in a handmade beaded open vest and white high top go-go boots, Donny hinted at the crazy night CAPYAC had planned. Donny, a.k.a. D, a.k.a. Delwin Campbell settled into his home base behind a keyboard as, one by one, more members stepped on stage to join in on the rhythmic sound D was producing. Without any warning, women dressed in bright blue jumpsuits took the stage. With stone cold faces, they lined up and walked the runway (yes, there was a runway connected to the stage). Then running in between the ladies, Eric Peana, dressed in the same get up, made the crowd yell with excitement — flamingos in hand.

Throughout the night, CAPYAC would throw similar unexpected surprises at the crowd. Batty Jr.’s lead singer, Zeke Jarmon, and drummer, Jeff Olson, joined CAPYAC for a few songs. Jarmon accompanied the band on the spoons while Olson took a more conventional seat on the drums. Dancers would occupy the runway to dance with the crowd, each musician would take turns walking down the runway for their solos and, at one point, candy was thrown into the crowd from a backpack. Honestly, a CAPYAC show is hard to describe to someone who has never been. So, we highly recommend that you just go out and experience one for yourself.

Who is Donny Flamingo?

If you scroll through CAPYAC’s social media, a big part of the marketing for their newest album has been focused on finding out who this mystery character Donny Flamingo is and what business he has in being so damn mysterious. So, it is only appropriate that the first track on the album is entitled, “Theme to Donny Flamingo.” The instrumental track encapsulates everything that CAPYAC is about. Funk, fun, and unique. “Fade Out” is a catchy dance tune that will instantly have you tapping your feet. The record carries the same feel good vibe throughout. The closing track, “Stamina” gives listeners a chance to catch their breath and pine over Mr. Flamingo for more.

We dare you to listen to the album and not feel the desire to dance.

Experience CAPYAC

Their next upcoming show is a short 19-hour drive to San Diego, CA. Be sure to catch the art performance that is CAPYAC next time they are in town, but see below if you are willing to make that drive.

March 1st, 2018 | CAPYAC in San Diego

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Photo by Renee Dominguez | Renee Dominguez Photography