BUHU Releases New Single: Yew


BUHU is the up and coming electronic band you need to know! Their first studio album Relationshapes really put them on the map in 2016. Known for their powerful multidimensional compositions and emotional appeal, BUHU knows how to make an immersive sound. In 2017, they released two dynamite singles ‘La Truth’ and ‘Franny’ that showcased their ability to create a provocative ever unfolding sound. Now, they have just released a new track called ‘Yew’ through Parisian label Kitsuné Musique. The song is an awe-inspiring piece that is as dynamic as it is cohesive.

The new single ‘Yew’ can be described as transcendent, visionary, and moving. After all, it is a dreamy synth soaked love letter from BUHU frontman Jeremy Rogers to his beloved wife Tiffany Paciga. With a sound that emotes a futuristic sensation, it also begs for self-reflection at the same time. ‘Yew’ is more than a romantic love song, it is a testament to BUHU’s introspective sound as they hold nothing back when telling their story.

“The homonym in the title is more than just whimsy; it suggests something blossoming, taking root deep within him.”

A real tribute to BUHU’s forthright and unreserved attitude during the songwriting process.

“The very first line is a mea culpa: I wanted more than I could take, living like a fool with nothing at stake. The mirror doesn’t always present the prettiest image if we’re brave enough to really look.”

Sometimes, the burden is too much as we have to look outward for acceptance begging for a way to feel whole. Other times, we don’t know something is missing until we have it.

“Redemption comes in the simple, direct refrain that follows: Then I found you.”

Whether you’re feeling lost or whole at the moment, ‘Yew’ is sure to serve as a stimulating sonic odyssey exploring the very powerful emotion we call love. So buckle in, and enjoy the ride!

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