Blynd Birds Release “Vice Veins” Co-Produced by Jim Eno

Blynd Birds are on track to take over the Austin music scene with the release of their latest single, “Vice Veins“. Co-Produced with the legendary Jim Eno of Spoon, “Vice Veins” gives us a appetizing taste of what’s more to come from Blynd Birds this April.

“Vice Veins”

I like the way the song begins. I like the drum beat. It’s casual, but staightforward. I think it provides a level base for the lyrics of Jared Blair to meet you with full eye-contact and a firm handshake. The song takes you to a your favorite local dive bar- the place that never fails to console.

I think what’s really awesome about this song is about how well it’s put together. Blairs voice melded together with a blues guitar with riffs and solos that flare up and pull you deeper into the song’s energy. All the while, there’s a subtle keyboard chord progression that ultimately guides the song’s momentum beneath the more salient instruments. The momentum of the song is probably it’s most definable feature. All of the incorporated instruments are guiding you towards a chorus of voices that makes you sway all the way down to the pit of your stomach.

To quote the musical sage Jim Eno himself. Blair “produced the shit out of ‘Vice Veins. “”

The Meaning Behind The Music

While the music is fun and enjoyable, the lyrics are somber and grounded in reality.  While the songwriting shows no lack of poeticism with lines like “you’re a show calf, in a blind queue to a happy hour cold cut stain”, it does reveal that there is a melancholy inspiration to the music. 

Vice Veins is about how some people get to hide their vices inside themselves while others have to show outward signs” – Jared Blair (guitar and lead vocals). 

Perhaps not everyone is dependent on some vice, but Blairs interpretation of vice is one that reveals it’s affect on the self in relation to other individuals. Whether or not his point of view is entirely correct, the overall argument is something worth investigating.

The Verdict

“Vice Veins” is a good song because it achieves duality. The music is fun and casual, while the lyrics are serious and contemplative. You can appreciate it for its sound, or its reality, or for the fact that its paradoxical. “Vice Veins” is layered, like art should be.

The Follow-Up

“Vice Veins” is just the tip of the iceberg. Blynd Birds is anticipating releasing a full album this upcoming April. An album, I might emphasize, that includes mixes by other Austin talent like Jim Eno, Mobley, and Stuart Sikes. Earnestly, you can’t let yourself sleep on this one.

Photo Credit: Renee Dominguez