Comedians Interview Musicians with Special Guest Nathalie Phan

On Vinyl Media founder and CEO Nathalie Phan was recently asked to open up for the February 20th segment of Comedians Interview Musicians at Hops & Grains BreweryMusic Firsthand started these unique live stream sessions with bands in the fall of 2017, hoping to create and inspire unique experiences between local artists, local businesses, and the community. The podcast is distinct for a number of reasons, the obvious one being it is comedians who are interviewing the musicians-providing for a very different and more relaxing setting to get an inside look into a musician’s lifestyle. However, that is not the only point of intrigue for these videos. The artists play a hand full of stripped back and acoustic songs throughout the session. Additionally, a lucky group of fans get invited to sit in on the performance and interview. Afterwards, Music Firsthand treats the artist to a nice dinner. There is a certain level of ease and comfort that naturally occurs with this simple and intimate format. That might be the result of the easy-going and fun spirit CEO Kris Potrafka and featured comedian BeckiJo Neill bring to the show. Season two which kicked off this month is being hosted by comedian Melody Shifflet.

Music Firsthand’s mission is to “Empower everyone to create moments through live experiences with the artists that inspire them.” To do so, they have created a live music booking service which offers tailored matches to one’s unique style and brand. They also have the Austin Music Firsthand magazine– a spotlight on local bands and shows. And of course, the Comedians Interviewing Musicians podcast which brings fans a one of a kind experience.

On Vinyl’s own Nathalie Phan was recently interviewed before one of Music Firsthand’s live sessions with Johnny Goudie. Kris Potrafka of Music Firsthand asked Nathalie about what is going on with On Vinyl, and she started by explaining how she started Topper Radio at St. Edward’s University, but could not take the show with her so it metamorphosed into what is now On Vinyl Media. A music and playlist curation company that helps local brands tell their story through music. She went on to explain how On Vinyl curates playlists using Austin artists to spotlight the local music scene within stores around town.

Kris also asked about using some of the previously featured artists on the podcast and how it reinforces the local music scene. Nathalie said, “We love local musicians. We’re hyper-locally focused and we like to work with local brands.” On Vinyl is currently working on building an online platform and app for clients to plug into their sound system in their stores and play local music. Another component is the Vinyl List Magazine which highlights the latest news on the Austin music scene. Nathalie went onto explain, “From all the local connections we gained throughout the years we started building it to be more and more locally focused and now it is completely a promotions website for local musicians.”

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