Swimming with Bears Upcoming Second EP


It is not hard to see the great chemistry Swimming with Bears has while up on stage together. Their last show at Stubb’s Jr. displayed their great chemistry which transforms into raw energy when they perform. An energy that is as dynamic as it is powerful. Throughout the show, you could hear traces of alt-rock, pop, and even reggae at times. They opened up the show with their latest single French Girls, a catchy pop tune that is sure to be a hit. Check out the new music video for the song below.

Never Too Good

The crowd could not help cheering in amazement during the jam out in Without a Plan. The drumming and guitar was truly something to marvel. A few of the compositions ringed similar to the riffs of well-established band Kings of Leon, but at the same time were unique and fresh. One fan yelled out “10 out of 10” after the song ended. Lead singer Joe Perry responded: “You’re never too good.” In an interview before the show, Joe said, “We’re trying to bring the rock n’ roll vibe with a little pop feel to make it modern.” A prime example is their new single French Girls that has rock riffs throughout but has a poppy chorus. A song that has clear radio potential even though there are no songs like it currently playing on the air. This is a true testament to the band and their vision as Joe said, “we’re trying to create our own sound.”

New Tunes

During their set at Stubb’s Jr, they played some new unreleased tracks. One of the songs was called “Doing.” An upbeat song infused with rocking guitar riffs and a catchy chorus. Another song called “Take It Easy” featured a swanky guitar riff that the whole song was based around. As with their first EP, the guys know how to masterfully pair their drumming with their guitar. Joe explained, “Currently we have along with French Girls four other brand new songs. Five altogether.” One thing that became apparent was the crowd’s increased cheering as they played their new songs. This doesn’t diminish their first EP in any way but rather proves that their second will be that much better.

Eye to the Future

If this news is making you excited… good. Have no fear if you missed their show at Stubb’s Jr or their awesome SXSW sets like the South Austin Showcase. They’re playing at Spider House Ballroom on March 31st before they hit the road on their nationwide tour in May! When asked if there is one venue he wants to play at, Joe said Stubb’s Outdoors or Red Rocks Amphitheatre. Are these venues in Swimming with Bears’ future? Who knows, but Joe explained, “Our manager would say you can’t play in front of a lot of people if you can’t play a good show in front of a few.” A great example of the band’s humble pursuit to make a name for themselves. We have a lot to look forward to while we wait.

Upcoming Shows

March 31st at Spider House Ballroom with Edison Chair, The Cuckoos, and Shy Beast

Bob Marley Fest on April 20th in Corpus Christi

Three Links on May 4th in Dallas

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Photo Credit: Renee Dominguez