Hooka Hey Releases New Music Video for Latest Single “Herlock”

Hooka Hey is back and better than ever with their new single Herlock. This marks the band’s first release since their 2015 EP– Untamed. If you haven’t heard about these local rockers, they’re known for their ominous and smoky jams that just know how to get your attention. Herlock is no exception, the song is driven by an unforgettable riff that is sure to get your heart pulsating. Hooka Hey has also just released a new music video for the single that is as thought-provoking as it is haunting. Herlock is the first release from their upcoming album War Cry that will be released in May.

View on the video

“I gotta the feeling someone lives inside of me
Got the feeling deep inside…”

The video features a man in different outfits perhaps representing three personas one may adopt in their everyday life– the businessman in a nice suit and tie, the outdoorsman in workout clothes and sneakers, the layman in jeans and a t-shirt. The video depicts in black and white each persona going about their normal routines. However, all of the “characters” faces are painted white almost like a mask. Perhaps the man feels he is unable to live the life he wants. He wonders about life held captive by the person he pretends to be as symbolized by the white face paint. Throughout the video, a man’s shadow on a wall is seen dancing and what appears to be fighting to break out.

“Can’t keep it down any longer
No more time to deny it all
Let it fly as high as you can, oh yeah…”

Could the shadow be waiting for a chance to break out? Caught between what society thinks he should be and what he actually is. Another moment in the video features the businessman staring into a store window at two dolls. The dolls of course blankly staring back at him. The businessman appears to have a realization for a second, but once again carries on in his almost robot-like trance. The video ends with all three personas wondering into the woods to find a mirror.

“Somebody in there is dying to be leading and believing in … somebody I know.”

As they look into the mirror to see themselves, they begin to wash the paint off. The world around them comes back into color as they take off the masks. The businessman gives a little smirk and then walks back into the world.

Despite the bone-chilling lyrics, the song is an inspiring and invigorating call to take on one’s world. Don’t be afraid to take off that mask and see the world in its true color.

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