Post Stellar Stubb’s Performance, Culture Wars is now a SXSW Must See


Culture Wars left Austin in want after their Stubb’s performance this past Thursday with The Lagoons. The concert was a brilliant display of rock & roll that held the audience captive within the unusual sound and stage presence of Culture Wars. If their SXSW performance is going to be anything like their Thursday night’s show, you, as a music lover, are obligated to see them.

Culture Wars is a band that blends the epic atmospherics of the electronic genre with the edginess of alternative rock. Watch them play one set, and you’ll think you’ve heard four different bands. They’re Muse. They’re Nothing But Thieves. They’re The Wombats. They’re the Stones. The band’s sound is reflective of its name with so many different genres of music clashing together in harmony. The genre splicing created by Alex Dugan and Mic Vrendenburgh should be some ungodly cacophony, but the band’s music is something divine and exciting.

The Performance

Culture Wars filled the room at Stubb’s BBQ this past Thursday. The band thrived under the pressure of an intimate stage show with the audience under the group’s full attention. Despite the fact that Culture Wars is a local Austin band with both Dugan and Vrendenburgh being alumni of the University of Texas at Austin, the crowd was not fully aware of the band. This proved to be absolutely no problem to Culture Wars. Dugan’s voice and stage presence paired with Vrendenburgh shredding it on both guitar and bass (and cello- the secret ingredient to the band’s sound) won the crowd wholeheartedly. 

Along with the the solid songs off of their self-titled EP like “Lies”, “Delilah (Tear Me Away)”, and “Hideaway”; Culture Wars treated the crowd to a couple songs off of their upcoming album that everyone at Stubb’s that night is most likely impatiently awaiting. 

The band will be playing with The Lagoons again at South by Southwest on March Twelfth. It would be a crime to not see them.

Upcoming SHows

3/9- Skully’s Music Diner– Columbus, OH

3/12- 2018 SWXW Music Festival

3/15- HAAM Benefit Showcase – The Parish

Photo By: Julian Bajsel