The Digital Wild Returns to Empire Control Room & Garage

The Digital Wild are returning to the Austin, TX music scene on March 3rd at Empire Control Room & Garage in the effervescent company of an incredible local line-up featuring Shy Beast, Carry Illinois, and MIDDLESPOON.
The Digital Wild recently released their latest EP Tall As Trees this past April, 2017; with a broad spectrum of genre-bending talent, the album featured soulful and divergent waves of electronic pop, indie synth-rock, and emotionally revealing lyricism. It has been a minute since they were present within the venue scene of ATX as a band whole, and we are welcoming them back with open arms and hungry hearts in anticipation for whatever it is they have new and fresh to deliver to their fans.

THe Digital Wild

Joining forces back in 2012, The Digital Wild is composed of members Chantell Moody, Chelsea Seth Woodward, and James Blair. Growing in leaps and bounds from their first EP release, respectively titled Intro, the band has showcased their immense flexibility and talent reach-covering genres from hip-hop and indie rock in Intro to synth-based harmonic pop in their later works and performances. Based off of the sound coming out of Tall As Trees, it can be assumed they are leaning more so on their strengths within the electronic pop and synth-based soft indie rock genres, and it fits them like a god-damn leather glove.

Arguably above all else, The Digital Wild has such an incredible talent for lyricism and production within the compositions they create and pour out to their audiences. Their authentic nature of creation and musical deliverance carries such powerful emotion, and it cuts through the “stereo-typical” electro-pop genre expectations to deliver a new and fresh experience.

Performing at Blues on the Green this past August and mentioned as Austin360‘s May 2017 Artist of the Month, The Digital Wild have built up a loyal and loving fan base from within ATX and beyond. On Vinyl is amongst the following, and you can catch front-row-drooling on March 3rd with our fingers crossed for new music, and if nothing else, any whisper or secret sign indicating the chance of a SXSW performance to come.

Follow the band on all social medias and make sure to snag some tickets to their upcoming show. If you reman faithful/devoted to their pages, you might get lucky one day and catch wind of one of their incredible acoustic performances. Though they are rare, they are spectacular.
We just hope you’re okay with ugly crying in public-common side effect of witnessing the intimacy and glory of what is a stripped down version of The Digital Wild.

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March 3rd, 2018 | The Digital Wild at Empire Control Room and Garage w/ Shy Beast, Carry Illinois, and MIDDLESPOON. 

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Photo Provided by: Empire Control Room & Garage
Photo Credit: Rob Martinez