The Bishops Release New Single “Citrine Dreams”

The Bishops have done it again, marking this to be the trio’s fourth single release since the start of 2017. This Austin-based supergroup has a knack for prolifically creating futuristic/refreshing beats with consequential messages, and “Citrine Dreams” meets if not exceeds all expectations we have had for the siblings as they rapidly expand their empire. A sun-down ride with a bite: this anthem single speaks smooth volumes to the act of perseverance and rising up to your destiny-an act all too natural and all in the family when it comes to The Bishops.

“Citrine Dreams”

Much like a literal citrine crystal, this single release has us feeling rejuvenated, insightful, and spiritually revived. The following line within the single to which Cara Bishop powerfully delivers has us amped on our inhibitions and goals for the year:

“If I don’t do it for me, who’s gonna do it for me?” 

Preach it, mama. We vibe with you.
Furthermore, the actual beat itself is straight up ear sex. The overall vibe has attitude and genuine grind, especially when Luv Bishop jumps on the track. However, with the spirit lifting synth vibrations and balanced vocals, it becomes a mellow mix of morning and evening healing. Hands up to Troy Bishop behind the production and weighty shaping of this hip-hop beast; we also vibe with you.

Head over to iTunes and buy  “Citrine Dreams” for just .99 cents, give it a taste-test on Spotify (link at the top), or stream the Soundcloud track below. Start your day off with a focused and intuitive mindset, and you can thank us later.

For those who hustle, the weekend is just the beginning.


Photo Credit: Ceci Sariol