Austin’s Prodigal Synth Band, SURVIVE, is Going Psycho

SURVIVE has had an incredible past two years. The Austin synth band received two Grammy Awards nominations and an Emmy for ‘Most Outstanding Original Main Title Theme Music’ on their divergently genius composition that features as the title sequence for the world-wide famous Netflix series, Stranger Things. The band has also been a part of A Message from Earth, creating otherworldly music in celebration of the Voyager Golden Record turning 40 this past December. And now, the band is headed to Las Vegas to take part in the vicious Psycho Music Festival.

While most binge-watchers are at least familiar with the music of SURVIVE indirectly through Stranger Things, not enough people know of the band’s other discography. As immersive and beautiful as the Stranger Things score is (and make no mistake, it is perfection), it is not nearly as psychologically mesmerizing as the rest of SURVIVE’s music catalog.

SURVIVE, like any instrumentalist group, conveys mood solely through its music. While some may think of this as a disadvantage in composing, the band thrives in this style of songwriting. SURVIVE has mastered the ability to create atmospheres inside your head. Songs like “Hourglass” and “Omniverse” not only take you to a new place, they make you a new person. The intense, rapid rhythm, layered on top otherworldly synths transcend your soul and transports you into some unknown mental state.

When paired with bands like Witchcraft and Goblin, which capture the heavier and more mythical sounds of rock, there’s no way Psycho 2018 could be anything less than an absolute mind-melting experience.

You can purchase tickets for Psycho 2018 Music Festival here.

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