Shanzyan Releases New Visuals for Single “Bobby Drake”

Local rapper and producer Shanzyan has a personalized account of diversified life between California and the South, making his music an intimate overview and portrayal of culture, family, and everything in between. Deriving passionately from his past experiences to expose his music to an intuitive audience, Shanzyan has the opportunity to appeal to a much larger market-placing him as an artist to watch within the upcoming year.

“Bobby Drake” Video Release Show

Premiering his latest works at ScratcHouse on January 26th, Shanzyan was joined by a local rapper/hip-hop lineup that was both engaging and refreshing; a ringing wake-up call to all those who say Austin doesn’t have a vibrant hip-hop scene.

The show was kicked off by new local act, Chucky Blk-most well known for his poetry slams and soulful personality. Supported by sensational local drummer Greg Clifford and Ari Burns on trumpet/beats, Chucky Blk had a memorable break through into the local hip-hop scene. OV’s intern Isaiah Coombs reviewed the artist with the following excerpt:

“Chucky Blk is a local artist who seeks to deliver a message within his mixture of rhythmic rap and meaningful poetry. His style easily stands out due to his way of incorporating the poetry in his live performances; It gives him a chance to speak wise words, get his name out/point across, and most importantly have the crowd realize what is going on at this very moment in our divided country. The message about police brutality, racial inequality, and how there is no reason either of the two should still exist was clear when performing at ScratcHouse in front of a young, influenced crowd. When speaking to him on what inspires him to create, Chucky mentioned:
‘I’m just trying to carry on a culture and do it for my ancestors.’ 
It’s awesome to see that the values he works hard for go beyond making money or having the fame, but giving back and spreading a word of realization for us. Chucky Blk has put himself in a prime position to be known as a rapper who is looking to bring positivity back into the game.”

The inspiring line-up continued to build as the evening progressed, with local contributions and stellar performances from Mike Melinoe and Harry Edohoukwa, both incredible talents with natural ability to engage and amplify the crowd’s reactions.

Mike is is a talented painter and hip-hop power house once reigning from Detroit.
“With past music videos premiering on Noisey (VICE), he describes himself as ‘lofi internet-bred aesthetic with old school lyricism’ and ‘classic boom bap [married with] intricate chaos.'”*

Harry is a “fresh face on the scene working with a collective called ICAH featuring talent from Dallas, Houston, and Austin.”*
He’s a high energy performer, with a grit and grind that propelled the evening’s energy.

*(quotes provided by Paper Moon Entertainment

The Main Event

Pre-Shanzyan performance, the “Bobby Drake” video was premiered through a split-screen projection display for the audience to witness first hand; an interesting and personalized perception of an artist’s vision and deliverance through several platforms.

Directed by Travis Hood, the video was visually stimulating and reflective, without feeling too ‘esthetically produced’. With a ‘back to the future’ essence and a reflective entity, the feature portrayed a raw and intimate energy-which lined up perfectly with Shanzyan’s performance and song creation style. Though the actual premier was an irreplaceable experience, we encourage you to view the video multiple times within your own setting-as there are several in-depth details and hidden innuendos that deserve a viewers/listeners full attention and time.

The single “Bobby Drake” can be found here, and the video below:


Shanzyan w/ Ashmar Mosby

The evening was wrapped up by a performance from Shanzyan himself, supported by Ashmar Mosby. Mosby joined forces with Shanzyan and more in Lancaster, California to form a crew originally titled CRTFD. The vibe and style of Shanzyan is one of particular uniqueness, and Mosby compliments this effortlessly. As a united entity, the crowd involvement and musical deliverance was one of notable standing. The headlining act was supported in addition by local DJ Travis Drews (a.k.a NOISECHOIR), which added an extra contribution of local pride and authentic passion to the set.

As previously mentioned, Shanzyan’s music is intimate as it totes reflection and personalized experience; however, he has several tracks that have killer vibes and general listener appeal-allowing for an energetic crowd and invested fan base. If you are interested in having a good time, we recommend you get in on one of his upcoming live performances. He is personable with the audience, provides an engaging performance, and keeps the crowd fed with a perfected mix of party-beats and passionate vibes.
For those of you who are looking for an everyday listening experience, his music is the perfect antidote to a multitude of emotions; making his music a fantastic full-album investment and playlist prime feature.

You can check out the full-line up and direct links to all of the artist’s Spotify/Soundcloud pages below.


Ashmar Mosby

Mike Melonie

Harry Edohoukwa

Chucky Blk


Photo By: Renee Dominguez