Edison Chair ‘Hope(s) You Get Everything’ You Deserve from Their Newest Video

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The mega six-piece band Edison Chair unleashed their newest video and single on February 6, 2018. “I Hope You Get Everything” is the upbeat rock and roll band’s newest single and latest release since their “Sí Se Puede” video release back in March 2017. It seems like a trend the band has created by not only surprising fans with new music, but with something they can treat their eyes to, as well. On Vinyl sat down with the young band a week prior to the video release to find out more about the now-a-days unheard of unicorn band all born and raised in Austin.

Edison Chair sprouted from the creative minds of Martin Aker, who plays lead guitar, and Wes Armstrong, who plays drums, in 2008. Edison Chair has played its fair share of musical chairs by seeing members come and go. The joke within the group is that all of Austin has played in Edison Chair at some point. The chairs are currently being occupied by Rachel Thompson and Ellen Gruber on lead vox, Martin Aker on guitar, Wes Armstrong on drums, Wes Ballew on keys, and Jake Draper on bass.

Although all the current band members knew each other since they were teenagers, they all joined separate bands before banding together. One half of lead vocals Rachel Thompson brought up the fact that she still has a poster of all the band members pictured separately in different bands that all played on the same bill one night many many moons ago. Edison Chair’s current line up of talent is only 3 years young with plenty of enthusiasm and motivation to keep them going for years to come. Aker jokes that this present line up will eventually be replaced by all new members, but the band itself will keep going. After sitting down with what can only be described as a loving and fun group of friends who seem to effortlessly create such harmonizing music together, we highly doubt that this current lineup is going anywhere soon.

Heavily inspired by The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Queen, and the ’70s era as a whole, Edison Chair’s sound fits the feel good rock and roll mold perfectly. Gruber mentions that the new music has a hint of an R&B feel to it, but their classic rock roots is the most prominent sound for sure in their newest single, “I Hope You Get Everything.” The single was written by Edison Chair and produced by Matt Novesky at Orb Recording Studios in Austin.

The band teamed up with long time friends from college Samantha Bennett and Francis Roman for their newest video. Bennett also directed and filmed the band’s previous two videos, “Sí Se Puede” and “I’m Leaving You.” Ballew praises his friend’s filmmaking skills and calls this new video “the best one yet.” Shot in one day in a photobooth that Bennett set up in her kitchen, the band was free to go crazy and do “ridiculous shit.” That was all captured in pictures and later stitched together to showcase the down-to-earth nature of the band. The video features all sorts of shenanigans from ice cream fights to fake mustaches to pies in the face to confetti balloons. We recommend rewatching the video a couple of times to catch anything you may have missed the first go around. The choppiness of the video ignites a desire to either get up from your chair or grasp your phone a little tighter to jump around and dance to the ever so catchy beat.

The single “I Hope You Get Everything” can be found here, and the video below:

After sitting down with 5 out of the 6 members of Edison Chair, it’s evident that the video is the perfect representation of the band’s personality. Whether the band is on stage singing a compilation of the 75 cover songs they have mastered as their cover band or singing their originals, at the end of the day, the band is just a family of friends. It’s truly amazing and inspiring to be in the presence of a young group of people who have all known each other since they were teenagers, who all, except Gruber, live together, and can all make carefully crafted music together with ease. What was really nice to see, however, was the genuine smiles on each of their faces when they were talking about each other. When asked what their favorite thing was about each other, the band responded unanimously with the fact that they have all maintained their friendship. Here’s to seeing the musical chairs game come to an end with the current occupants permanently sitting in them.

The band plans to release two more singles on a 45 vinyl sometime closer to the end of March.

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Director: Samantha Bennett
Producers: Samantha Bennett and Francis Roman
Art Director: Adriane McCarthy
Special thanks: Emily Miller, Sam Suarez and Lee Mendez

Andrew Bennett | Andrew Bennett Photography