CAPYAC Drops Sensuous Single “Down in it” in Time for Valentine’s

CAPYAC is a band defined by the familiar phrase “Sugar, spice, and everything nice.” The band’s music up until this point has been a consistent conglomeration of all that is good and groovy in the world, and their latest single “Down In It” is nothing less than a continuation of this delicious upward trend.

“Down In It”

“If I could see your future, I’d tell you that you’re not alone/ but I don’t want to lose you, so tell me you don’t wanna go/ but every time I’m with you I get high” – Capyac/Down In It [2018]

That last word of the intro perfectly expresses what this song gives you. It’s nothing less than an expression of euphoria that penetrates your eardrums on different levels.

“Down In It” is special because it is one of the few romance songs where the musical composition is as sensuous as its lyrics. And boy, are the lyrics sensuous.

“I know there’s something else deep inside, can’t you feel it?” – Capyac/Down In It [2018]

The momentum of the song is perfectly balanced and proportioned by a tempo that is either pushing you forward or pulling you backwards. Either way, within seconds of the song, your ears are completely at the mercy of CAPYAC’s mercy. The keyboard is powered but relaxed, always felt, but never demanding your brains full attention. The mixing of Delwin Steven Campbell and Caroline Watson’s vocals entraps you in an atmosphere that you cannot help but groove to. Despite the song’s maximalist sound, absolutely none of it is indulgent. Every note, every beat, every chord progression feels deliberate and necessary for the world that CAPYAC has created for you. And what a beautiful world it is.

Upcoming Events

Catch CAPYAC’s latest Austin show on Saturday, February 24th at Empire Control Room and Garage. There could honestly be no disappointment in a night out that involves this band. But before you do that. Download this song on whatever music service you use, and add it to your favorite romantic/make-out playlist. Thanks to CAPYAC, any romantic night will be a great one.

Listen to “Down In It” By CAPYAC and Caroline Weathers


Photo by Ellyn Maranda