Cue the Sun! Inspires with new EP, “Dreams”

Cue the Sun!, Austin’s up and coming alternative pop band, has made quite an entrance into the music scene. Released on February 2nd, their EP, Dreams, boasts heartwarming lyrical integrity, clean harmonies, catchy synths, and powerful melodies that channel an almost nostalgic boyband feel (think The 1975 meets Owl City meets Walk the Moon).

Having previously released their hit single “Your Love“, in 2017, Cue the Sun! is looking to develop their sound and obtain greater exposure; and I can honestly say, the band did just that.

The album seamlessly encapsulates all the nuances of pop while maintaining a distinctive edginess that allows the band to grow with the unpredictability of the music scene. Aside from a well-produced EP, the most important concept that Cue the Sun!, Ryan White and Josh Holder, want to portray is the love and appreciation they have towards their fans.

This EP is dedicated to YOU. This listener. Chase your dreams, fall in love, walk through trials, come out stronger” – (Cue the Sun!).

Cue the Sun! genuinely want you to channel your best self while listening to their music, a reality that in today’s ephemeral, materialistic society is almost obsolete.

The Album Up Close

The first song of the EP, Dreams, serves to uphold the positive mantra of the album.

“I’m like a king, where nothing’s ever impossible. Reaching for the stars they’re not too far away” -(“Dreams” / Dreams).

This song is a reminder to not allow one’s fear of failure to deter them from achieving full potential. The word dream, in essence, is a “cliché” as Cue the Sun! describes it. The song’s drumming beat, major power chords, and optimistic conversational vocals go to assure fans that their dreams are not a fantasy and can become a reality. A catchy chorus coupled with a bold chant, “That’s what dreams are made of (“Dreams” / Dreams), welcomes positivity to envelop the minds and hearts of its listeners. “Dreams” is a staple mood booster for any glorious summer drive or gloomy day.

“I’m Not Leaving You, Love” is inspired by 80s electronica, tight harmonies, and a message of unadulterated love.

“You know you had me at the moment that I looked in your eyes” -(“I’m Not Leaving You, Love” / Dreams)

These heartfelt lyrics will have any young girl swooning. Promoting a simplistically lovely boy digs the girl next door narrative, “I’m Not Leaving You, Love” has its listeners repeating the hook all day long.

A personal favorite of mine on Dreams, “Too Much, Too Soon“, stylistically provides a stark difference from the two previous songs in the album. The message and tune seem to encapsulate a melancholy tone.

“I pray for sunshine, rain comes anyway” – (“Too Much, Too Soon” / Dreams).

However, the song then assures its listeners.

“You know it takes a little time. For this to all make sense” -(“Too Much, Too Soon”Dreams).

Cue the Sun! wants you to come away from the album saying that failures happen, mistakes are made, and you are validated to feel overwhelmed and dejected. The collective ooing response after every chorus helps its listeners visualize that no one is a stranger to setbacks. The grieving process is to be expected in the road to recovery and you don’t need to traverse that road on your own.

“We live then we learn” – (“Too Much, Too Soon” / Dreams).

The piece then effortlessly flows into a milky, ethereal background murmur. Reminiscent of the soft eeriness that nature possesses, I believe “April” provides solace in the fact that inner peace is attainable. One isn’t doomed to suffer the tribulations of failure for forever (depressing I know).

Album Review

All in all, Dreams is a refreshing take on the 2000s inspired pop/alternative genres. Cue the Sun! poured their soul into this EP, evident through the positivity of its lessons, and are here to uplift their fans. As Cue the Sun! so eloquently states,

“If we are trying to say anything with this EP, it’s that life is worth living. though the world around you may seem so negative and heart breaking, you don’t have to let that define you. Let what’s beating in your chest define you. Live a life that’s full of purpose and intentionality” 

After fully listening to the catchy album jam-packed with crisp harmonies and leading synths, we are reminded that we are significant. What more could you ask for?

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Photo By: Justin Minchew