Shivery Shakes’ Upcoming Sophomore Album

If Shivery Shakes’ first album Three Waves and a Shake is any indication, the future is bright for this up and coming band. “Recurring Dreams“, the first song off the album, really sets the tone; the opening riff and whistle immediately paints a charming sonic picture. Airy guitar riffs match perfectly with the rhythmic drum beats to really bring the song to life. Each song brings a refreshing feeling almost like a warm day at the beach. What will Shivery Shakes have in store for their next creative venture? Read on to find out more.

Recent Show

Shivery Shakes is a local band that knows how to write catchy riffs that not only make you want to dance, but find a way to get stuck in your head long after the performance ends. I had the pleasure of catching their show at ABGB on February 3rd. The urge to dance from the crowd could not have been any more clear than when they played “Hold On”. The feeling of summer nostalgia was almost palpable from the first note. The song immediately turned the front of the venue into one big dance party as people jumped to their feet. This really played into their performance as they fed off the crowd’s energy; something this band does effortlessly. The band is currently in the process of recording their second LP. “It’s time to try something different,” explained lead singer, Will Glosup–so you can start to get excited for a new and evolved sound.

in the studio

“I think we’re hoping to be done by May,” Will Glosup quoted to On Vinyl after the finish of the set. To continue the quote, Glosup discloses that “probably by the end of the year” is when you can expect to hear their new LP. They also added that they will go on tour as soon as they drop the album, so keep your eyes peeled to their social medias. Chris Ritchie described the record making process as a “perfect photograph of the way you were when you made that album.” It is a personal quest to see if you can do better than the last one you made, and we believe that with a twist of different sound, this quest can be obtained. One thing is for certain-Shivery Shakes are an entertaining/high energy band on the stage, and down to earth guys off the stage. If anyone can one-up themselves, it is them.

The ABGB was the perfect venue for this glitzy surf pop band and their rockin’ vibes. Beer, friends, and good times are the ABGB’s domain. I can think of no better way to describe Shivery Shakes’ infectious feel-good style of music than the atmospheric pairing of the brewery and the people it attracts. If the stars all align, you should have some new tunes by the end of the summer; if not, most likely by the end of the year. Stay tuned for more information regarding their upcoming second LP and future tour.

Upcoming Shows

February 28th at Hotel Vegas w/ Lowin and the The Rotten Mangos

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Photo Credit: Renee Dominguez