OV Review: Mobley’s new single ‘Tell You’

“I never said to look to me to be the one that you rely on. And I know you wonder why I let you come so far; you won’t believe me if I tell you.” -Mobley/Tell You [2018]

“The song deals with what happens when the passion of a grand romantic gesture has faded and what’s left is the hard work of making a life together,” Mobley spilled over to us on the release date of his latest single, Tell You. A sister song of his previous original single, Tell Me, this song continues a career long story that has slowly built up from one single to the next–starting all the way back in 2015, with Swoon.  

All of the cover art is designed with intention and purposeful storytelling from Mobley himself; take a look at all his singles, and it’s impossible to miss the stunning and infatuating relationship. Beyond being a multi-musicianist, a singer/songwriter, and a talented show-man- Mobley has a secret weapon that many artists in this day and age are lacking: patience. He takes his time with his art, he is selective with his shows, and he does what he does very well–when it matters. Not to mention his impeccable production, his  ingenious lyrical/song composition, his dark and twisty/soul driven performance style. Need we go on?

Outside the personal reveal of his single inspiration, Mobley disclosed with OV that he will be releasing news later on this week that you won’t want to sleep on. Keep your eyes married to his social medias, and ensure you tell your friends to do the same. It’s a labor of  love to be the first in line to receive from the hand that feeds you; though, Mobley has a way of keeping his fan base righteously satisfied, while still pushing them to hunger for more.

OV is in no better shape; currently starving for whatever is next to come from the ingenious and enticing works of Mobley.


A sultry mood mixer of lust lost and a backwards apology; it’s a hard stones throw from “Tell Me,” with bitter and regretful undertones that remind you of how you felt when you said “forever” and you really meant “for now.” As always, the beat doesn’t disappoint and the entire flow is as effortless and redemptious as all his other releases. With a slipping grip on love and the turmoil that makes a lasting a love a chore, “Tell You” is a savory and stomach wrenching throw-down, to note.

Listen to “Tell You” and catch Mobley live.

Cover Art: MOBLEY