More local Austin artists take SXSW by storm

SXSW 2018

South by Southwest (SXSW) is an international arts festival that displays the best of film, interactive media, and music. Unsurprisingly, there are many Austinites taking main stage at this event in March.

We’ve listed the latest batch of Austin artists performing in 2018. From brooding electronica to classic folk you can’t go wrong seeing these world-class performers.

Molly Burch

A singer-songwriter whose music reflects heartbreak and loss through evocative, smoky vocal tones. Often compared to Patsy Cline, the Los Angeles native has found her home in Austin and is one of the only Californians we will willingly accept. You can listen to her album, Please Be Mine, here.

Alex Napping

The origins of this quartet’s guitar-focused, indie sound can be traced back to Austin and Brooklyn. The playful tones of their second album, Mise En Place, can be found here.    

Barbara Nesbitt

Her most recent album, Right As Rain, debuted in 2017 and placed within the top ten of female vocalists in the 2017 Austin Music Awards. Nesbitt will embark on her European tour after her SXSW gig. You can listen to her folksy riffs here.  

Curtis Roush

He’s the guitarist and vocalist for Austin psych-rock band, The Bright Light Social Hour. However, Roush will be riding solo this year and debuting his recent solo project. His sound is similar to the War On Drugs and Fleet Foxes — check it out here.  

David Halley

Having appeared on Austin City Limits in 1983, Halley is experiencing his second coming at 67 years of age. You’re able to preview is progressive country/rock music here.


The duo records songs in their… iPhone voice memos. Charlie Martin and Will Taylor classify their sound as “pillow talk”; however, it’s deceptively complex. Check it out for yourself here.


The duo has been together for a little over two years and they’ve been refreshing contemporary, electronic music with their industrial trap beats and chopped/screwed vocals. Take a glimpse of Lachane’s soundscapes here.  

Stone Wheels

Your highly-anticipated, homegrown, cosmic americana music has arrived. Citing influences such as the Grateful Dead and Willie Nelson, where can you go wrong? See for yourself here.   


The trio exhibits raw, post-punk, guitar-destringing anthems. They’re fronted by the guitar shredder herself, Lauren Larson. Performing at the Austin City Limits Music Festival this year, the trio is back for more come this spring. Check out their distorted jams here.  

Walker Lukens

He’s been called “one of the best songwriters in Texas.” His second album, Tell It To The Judge, was released in late September. Please do yourself a favor and listen to his blend of pop, rock, blues, soul, and electronic music here

Photo credit: SXSW