Weekly Staff Picks: Austin’s 10 best autumn artists

Autumn is a beautiful time of year, a season that encourages both introspection and a deep appreciation of the people who surround us. Perhaps it is the changing colors that resonates within us to think about our own self and the changes we too must undergo; perhaps the mounting cold simply encourages us to cherish the warmth we find within one another. Or maybe it’s just a reflexive need to find someone with whom we can cuddle up with and be physically and emotionally cozy.

Either way, fall is perhaps my own favorite season, marking the onset of the cold weather that I love so much. It is also a season that atmospherically coincides with my own taste in music, speaking to the internal conflict between loneliness and love, between the need for community and for contemplation. Both of these, I think, can be very good things— but they both have their own drawbacks and dangers as well. We have made a playlist consisting entirely of Austin-based artists that we believe most powerfully speak to these dissonant desires and the atmosphere of the autumn season. Though all inclusions were made based on the music’s mood, several of the songs have titles (such as “Staying In” by Ola Podrida and “Things Are Changin'” by Gary Clark Jr.) that speak to the themes of autumn: contentment, melancholy and metamorphosis. This playlist features a range of genres and artists who we think embody and exemplify the ambience of autumn, from the vaguely post-hardcore emotion of “The Mountain and I” by Pala to the dark and brooding electronica of “Everybody Gets High” by MISSIO. We hope that these sounds of autumn in Austin inspire and speak to you as much as they do to us!