Synesthesia Live releases their biggest update yet!

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“It’s finally yours.” Theron Pray, founder of Synesthesia Live, released this statement following the V1.11 update.

Synesthesia Live is in the business of making concerts a submersing auditory and visual experience. The team has been “nose-to-the-grindstone” all summer in order to create this revolutionary step forward.

The software has been implemented at Euphoria Fest, the Oregon Eclipse Festival, Sonic Bloom Festival, and it’s only expected to snowball from here!

Fostering creativity

If music is a social, collaborative activity, shouldn’t Synesthesia be, too? This is exactly what the creators addressed and now the reigns are in the hands of the user.

The shader-based VJ (video jockey) tool’s update covers everything: new import tools, customizable scenes, presets and playlists, plus more!

VJing manipulates and selects visuals the same way DJing manipulates and selects audio.

making it your own

As a user, you can now download shaders from Shadertoy or ISF (interactive shader format) and convert them into scenes.

Additionally, you can create your own scenes! This is possible through the new, integrated live-coding edit mode. You can then take a trip to your “scene library” and organize or edit your saved scenes.

Continuing to add on to this righteous update, you’re capable of arranging your scenes into playlists and saving presets for each scene to give your show that extra oomph.

This is all on top of a beautifully-redesigned, graphic user interface.

simply synesthesia

“You don’t have to know how to code, you don’t have to pay $500 to download more expensive VJ software, it just works out of the box”, says Pray.

Synesthesia allows artists of every caliber to deliver “a really high quality visual experience with just a laptop, projector, and Synesthesia”.

At the end of Fall 2017, you can expect to see the Windows Beta version released. The Synesthesia team is “very excited to see how far they can push Synesthesia with the power of the new souped up graphic cards that you can install in Windows rigs”.

Yes, it even works with folk music.

Pray emphasized that Synesthesia’s audio algorithms have been programmed to work with any genre of music; “we specifically went out of our way to avoid the easier but limited approach of just using ‘four on the floor’ style EDM beat syncing”.

The visuals provided with the license aesthetically suit many different styles and energies of music. Pray explained, “we’ve got a scene called Cinders, for instance, that features sort of an abstract campfire and star scape, that we’ve used underneath folk music to great effect”.

There are a multitude of non-invasive and subtle scenes available that help define an atmosphere for the performer who isn’t necessarily going for the Vegas nightclub, strobing light approach.

And how much?

Synesthesia is selling the full license for their newly updated interface for the same cost as before – $129. However, they’ll “probably be upping the price again next month”.

This is perhaps one of the best ways to help local musicians set themselves apart in an oversaturated industry.

You can try the free demo here or join the user group and learn how this visual instrument is capable of wowing audiences with a world-class visual show.

get hyped!

Watch this hype reel to feel Synesthesia for yourself.

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