SOS Fest: Canceled with no return?

Sound On Sound Fest

The first installation of Sound On Sound Fest set up a promising outlook for future years despite weather issues and problems with the festival’s shuttle service.

However, as of last week, the festival’s sophomore season and potential future was brought to an abrupt close.

what roadblocks?

“This is one of the hardest decisions we have ever had to make. Due to several recent roadblocks outside of our control and in an effort to do right by our fans, the decision to cancel the event was our only real option.”

This is the statement that festival-goers and the media alike were startled to hear.

Graham Williams of Margin Walker Presents released in a statement that these “roadblocks” were a side effect of Sound On Sound’s main investor pulling out. He followed up with reassuring the media that it wasn’t SOS specifically, just the festival market in general that was the catalyst for the last-minute cancellation.

Additionally, Williams cited other financial risks and safety concerns as potential factors. When asked by the Austin Chronicle about the mass shooting in Las Vegas, he commented, “A tragedy of that magnitude made this week even harder for potential plan B investors.”

As for the music

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Grizzly Bear, Iggy Pop, The Shins, and Blood Orange were expected to headline this year’s show.

The festival is in the works of booking many of the scheduled artists to play at venues in the local area. Ticket holders will be refunded for the full cost of their tickets and will have first dibs to purchase tickets for the newly rescheduled shows.

The schedule for these shows will be released Monday, October 16th. SOS Fest ticket holder pre-sale will begin the same day and come to a close at 8:00 a.m. on Thursday, October 19th when the public sale starts.

SOS fest Return in 2018?

The Sound On Sound Fest website states that “there are no current plans to continue the festival”.

You may email any concerns or questions regarding the festival cancellation here.

Photo credit: Sound On Sound Fest