SMiiLE extends summer a little ‘Longer’

SMiiLE Music

Sublime synths, shimmering vocal harmonies, and summery struts from the guitar.

How can we keep ourselves from SMiiLe-ing?

Austin: keeping pop weird

The Austin-based group, SMiiLE, combined their own quirky, guitar pop with nontraditional rhythmic structures to create their own summer solstice — “Longer”.

SMiiLE released their first full-length album in 2016 entitled, Like A Diamond In The Rough, You Shine. For the past year, the group has been creating a new set of songs and developing their grassroots fan base.

“Longer” was released on October 5th. Shortly after, SMiiLE announced their new East Coast tour. The group said “plans for a second album are in the oven”.  

Jake Miles, the singer and guitarist, produced the track. He’s backed by Annie Long and Mary Bryce who “fortify the outfit with stunning vocal harmonies” while displaying their “alien-esque attire and singular dance moves” at live shows.

making life longer

SMiiLE’s new single, “Longer”, resembles a self dialogue for coping.

“Ya I’d rather hit the bottle / if that’s what it means to be free / Walter took me out again / sometimes I just tend to binge / how do I get strong / make a life I like longer”

A winding synth whirs into the forefront rapidly and then begins to slowly fade out — we get out of bed and our surroundings start to refocus from a blurred confusion.

There are points throughout the track where there are rhythms, vocal lines, or synth notes stuck on a loop; they will loop for a few seconds at most and then the song will continue as normal. Perhaps this is to portray the feeling of being stuck in a rut — when you’d rather “hit the bottle”.

a more Ebullient mac demarco

About halfway through the single, the sound is similar to a more cheerful Mac DeMarco, Real Estate, or Grizzly Bear.

The group says “Longer” is “notably polyrhythmic and complex, but with a pop influenced buoyancy that satiates”.

Until the release of their second album, audiences are invited to partake in the “colorful and adventurous, pop magic experiences” of SMiiLE.

Photo credit: SMiiLE Music