OV Recommends: Chris Toast & The Jerks

Chris Toast & The Jerks

Post-punk, prozac-inspired, bread-punned rockers — Chris Toast & The Jerks are perhaps the newest band in Austin’s music scene.

The OV crew jumped at the chance to feature these progressive punk Austinites.

austin’s newest band

The group supported the punk legends, Parasites, who’ve been shredding guitar for more than thirty years, Sunday night at Kick Butt Coffee.

It came as a surprise when we found out it was only Chris Toast & The Jerks’ third set as a band — to say they held their own would be an understatement at the least.

The four-piece (drums, guitar, bass, and keys) was founded by Chris Spagnola in early October. They describe themselves as “a satirical yet serious alternative to alternative”.

a raspier joy division and interpol

The Modern English-esque synth and raspy, soulful vocals combined with a groovin’ bass line and the charismatic presence of the frontman, Chris Spagnola, makes for a Texas twist on the classic post-punk sound.

You can listen to all of these elements at play in this live video from their set at Kick Butt Coffee. This video displays more of their “quirk rock” outfit.

Quirk rock origins and Future

Chris Spagnola initially started out with an older band and additionally put out a few solo projects before forming Chris Toast & The Jerks.

While speaking to Spagnola about Christ Toast & The Jerks he said, “We’re real serious to get some promo stuff done soon with a press kit and merch.” At the end of our conversation, he hinted at the group doing studio recordings in the near future.

On Saturday, October 28th, Chris Toast & The Jerks are hosting a house party and costume contest affectionately named, “Sad Sack Demon Festival”. There will of course be no shortage of live music with three other acts performing.

Chris toast & The jerks

Being in their toddlerhood won’t stop Chris Toast & The Jerks from making a big splash in the local music scene. Stay tuned in and spread the word about this new, “toast modernistic” group.

Photo credit: Chris Toast & The Jerks Facebook