RestPit Benefit

Heard Presents, RestPit collaborate on harm reduction benefit

Perhaps the first of its kind, Heard Presents and RestPit have teamed up to create a safe place for music lovers who experience limiting conditions.

music for all

RestPit functions as a “Nonprofit Harm Reduction organization that works with music festival promoters to provide a better experience for attendees.”

Many of the attendees have a difficult time coping with emotional stress and altered states of consciousness.

The nonprofit aims to provide harm reduction education and intervention, reduce medical transportation, decrease law enforcement involvement, and to offer emotional/psychosocial support and a safe return to festivities.

In the pop-up tent they bring to festivals, RestPit offers a safe place for any-and-all music lovers, peer-to-peer support, and harm reduction supplies (earplugs, condoms, sunscreen, etc).

Additionally, the tent has a trained volunteer staff that offers assistance in the shade and in the heat of the crowd as their staff walks the festival grounds looking for people who “may be emotionally distraught, exhausted and/or under the influence of intoxicants.”

bringing love to the empire

Make your way to the Empire Control Room and Garage on Sunday, November 5th for a benefit show with music, vendors, and raffles.

Doors open at 5:00 p.m. and you can purchase tickets here ($7 advance, $10 door).

The tunes are being provided by an all-local lineup: Chelsea Seth of The Digital Wild, Rob Boss, Thunderosa, We’ll Go Machete, and Lauren Larson of Ume.

The vendors for the event are Vibe Time, Gourmet Body Treats, and Grub Good.

Photo credit: RestPit Benefit