H*ck Fest begins their first rodeo

H*ck Fest

H*ck Fest is breaking city limits with their DIY mentality and bringing artists from across the Lone Star State into center stage.

Magellan to music

Just how Magellan circumnavigated the globe, musicians are circumnavigating the music industry. We’re Trying Records and Tiny Table Talks have teamed up to celebrate this passionate independence with the inaugural installation of H*ck Fest.

These daring bands do everything themselves or with independent collaborators. Controlling album production, marketing, and communication is a choice that primarily reflects a desire to eliminate dependence on large record labels.

With this newfound control and expansive, creative power, bands are able to develop closer relationships with fans and deliver music without inhibition.

Power to the music-maker

The exigence behind the conception was to create a positive atmosphere and buildup the regional DIY Scene.

Megan Cisneros, the co-founder of Tiny Table Talks, said “We’ve wanted to create a space where like minded individuals can come together, hear new bands, and get a great shared experience overall.”

We’re Trying Records managing director, Jordan Hiebner, elaborated “A major belief in what we do is to leave every community and scene that we inhabit better off than when we found it.” She continued on to explain that “Bringing these bands – and their fans – together will help create closer regional community and, hopefully, lead to more bands playing outside their local scenes to different audiences.”

the lone star-studded lineup

H*ck Fest will take place from 2 p.m. to midnight on Saturday, November 4th in Austin. The location is “TBA”.

The lineup includes 15 bands — you can check out the playlist below!

You’re able to contact Jordan Hiebner of We’re Trying Records with any questions regarding H*ck Fest.

Photo credit: H*ck Fest