HAAM open enrollment begins Nov 1 through Dec 15


The Health Alliance for Austin Musicians (HAAM) serves to preserve the bustling live music culture that we have in the Live Music Capital of the World.

With the open enrollment for health coverage beginning November 1st, we want to be certain that no one misses the downbeat.

musicians are people too

Here in Austin, we don’t just listen to live music, we support it in more ways than one. This is because we witness what’s truly behind music-making — spoiler, it’s not all platinum records, radio plays, and the high life. It’s musicians scraping to get by because they have a passion for guitar chords, vocal harmonies, and pungent brass tones that far outweigh publicity and wealth.

Health care shouldn’t be a luxury for the people who make Austin what it is. HAAM provides access to affordable health care for Austin’s low-income, working musicians with a focus on prevention and wellness.

Their method of preserving the live music scene means literally preserving the health of musicians themselves.

programs provided

The groups who frequent many of Austin’s popular coffee shops and bars “juggle two jobs on top of music, and still struggle to pay for food and shelter”. HAAM states, “with no money for health care, issues with teeth, hearing loss, heart health, and more get ignored and become expensive emergencies”.

HAAM has programs that cover a broad array of areas: dental, vision, hearing, mental health, addiction recovery, Hep C, and primary/specialty care.

haam open enrollment

The period for open enrollment begins November 1st and comes to a close December 15th.

For current members, this is where you renew your HAAM benefits and receive health coverage for 2018 — including Marketplace insurance plans. It’s recommended to complete this process as soon as possible so you have the most options available for the upcoming year.

HAAM requires to see all members in person. They strongly suggest to come early as “many programs are filled on a first-come, first-served basis”. If you wish to become a member, the hours, location, and required materials are exactly the same.

when to come

There are no appointments. You’re able to walk in during the following hours:

Monday – Thursday: 9AM – 6PM
Friday – Saturday: 9AM – 4PM
Sunday: 1PM – 5PM

However, the office will be closed for Thanksgiving on Thursday, November 22nd and Friday, November 23rd.

where to be

The address is listed below along with a map to the office.

HAAM @ Foundation Communities
5900 Airport Blvd
Austin, TX 78752

what to bring

Everyone needs to bring income information (pay stub), your healthcare.gov username & password, names of important doctors or medications, and “the big, white envelope we gave you at open enrollment last year, if you have it”.

If applicable, you need to bring immigration documents and employer insurance information. It’s encouraged to bring headphones or a book to keep you company while waiting.

keeping austin entertained and artists healthy

HAAM can be reached here for absolutely any questions regarding the open enrollment process.

If you feel strongly about preserving the live music scene we have here in Austin, you can donate or learn how to become involved with the cause.

Photo credit: HAAM