OV Recommends: Knights of Mayhem Jousting at SOS Fest

Photo by Pashaa Sanwick

Hold onto your breastplates because Sound On Sound Fest is about to become a little more badass.

The Knights of Mayhem — full contact, heavy armor jousters — are coming to Sherwood Forest this November for their first, live festival performance.

hear ye! hear ye!

The knights and their warhorses will be arriving one week prior to the festival to practice and train. The group is headed by the Professional Jousting League’s World Champion, Charlie Andrews. The jousters are masters of the medieval and renaissance warfare techniques and engage in the heavy armor style of jousting called Realgestech.

The Knights of Mayhem will be performing two jousting matches daily. However, you can still find them (without their 100 pounds of armor) rocking to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

The group became world-renowned when they were featured in their own show featured on National Geographic Channel. Additionally, they have made appearances on the Netflix series, White Rabbit Project, and Nickelodeon show, Jagger Eaton’s Mega Life.

who are thee knights?

The team consists of MMA fighters, bull riders, professional women jousters, and pro sport athletes. They joust for causes such as Back the Badge, honoring our servicemen, and improving the lives of special needs children.

Charlie Andrews, aside from being an accomplished MMA fighter and samaritan, is also a gifted equestrian. He specializes in working with children and adults with developmental and physical disabilities by building confidence and strength through equine therapy.

Accompanying them will be their full-time armorer responsible for the upkeep of various suits of armor used in the daily matches. The most important piece of the kit, the lance, is 11 feet long and made from solid hemlock.

you have been summoned!

Thy presence is requested for feasting and merriment to commence at the Fest for Sound On Sound in Sherwood Forest on the tenth day of November in the year of Our Lord Two Thousand and Seventeen.

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Photo credit: Pashaa Sanwick