OV Recommends: Harry Paradise

It’s easy for people to assume that great musical successes have always been hustling in the music industry but in fact there are hundreds of musicians who never knew what their careers would later come to. Iconic musicians like Debbie Harry of Blondie and Sheryl Crow didn’t make it until later in the game when they met international success in their 30’s. Hundreds of people share those stories and have one way or another found themselves in music.

An artist who can relate to stories like these is up and coming musical genius, Harry Paradise– known to friends as Brett- who didn’t even think about pursuing music until his baseball dreams ended when he blew out his shoulder as a junior in college. He was always an avid music listener and grew up with a trumpet playing father but never seriously performed other than a few jam sessions on the guitar with his friends. But after the accident he transferred to a school in Nashville and was drawn to the famous music scene at 22 when he started playing with friends and was later influenced to start writing songs and in 2012 form the band, Sol Cat. Unfortunately, Sol Cat was short lived and ended when the bandmates realized just how hard it was to “keep people together.” He makes it a point that he enjoyed his time in the band but can’t lie saying, “when it goes great, its great and when it goes bad its hard to make everyone happy.” Paradise saw the opportunity to go at it on his own, make his own music, and his own money.

The elusive Paradise, now 28, is doing just that. Following the bands fall and his graduation, Harry Paradise moved to Austin to work independently and “figure things out about what makes sense” but says that he’s “feeling good” grinding on his own. Although he had aspirations of being the next Jim Morrison, he has adapted a very original, hybrid sound of current dance music and indie rock with heavy 80’s influences. His first single Joan was released June 2017 featuring breathy, raw vocals paired with the electronic guitar, distant bass, and notable 80’s keyboard all making this song catchy and captivating.

Although only two songs have been recorded and released officially, Paradise has a plethora of songs, “enough for probably three albums” and performs many of those live. His first ever solo show in March was during SXSW with D512 in Hotel Vegas, according to him right now his performances range between live shows and DJ sets. Currently working on new music with an ex band mate in Gettysburg, Paradise plans on releasing a full length album toward the Spring of 2018 that’s a cross between Billie Idol and John Hughes soundtracks. With the release of the album, he plans on “shopping it around” all that fall/winter in hopes that someone will pick it and him up. Currently unsigned, he has learned how to manage himself and put that music business degree to work promoting himself for the time being.

Incidentally Paradise has brought himself a long way since college all while busting out some really great and interesting music. You can show your support for local artists at one of his Austin shows on either October 10th at The Mohawk when he opens up for Me Nd Adam, a band out of Brooklyn, or on November15th at Vulcan Gas Company down dirty during the Alt-J after party which is sure to be a night of alt-rock that shouldn’t be missed!

Featured photos courtesy of Harry Paradise, album art and press photo

Song courtesy of Harry Paradise featured on Spotify